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How long has she been missing?

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In the police station, gathering the salvaged bits of clues Ryotaro Dojima managed to collect relating to the initial two murders, the Investigation Team eventually deduces the culprit's identity and method: Even if you tell 'em this is connected to the murders,We can't prove it Among the confusion, and before the Investigation Team can interfere, Nanako is kidnapped.

Though Namatame is subdued, Nanako seems to have fallen strangely ill, and passes out in the protagonist's arms. In his own messiah delusions, he states that he intends to "save" her, putting her in immediate danger.

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She is also impressed by how cool Kanji is. I should've realized it much sooner Nanako starts to cry again, asking why her mother had to leave her, and begins to wonder if her father would do the same.

A month later, Nanako and her father head to the city to meet up with Yu and the others.

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True Ending Edit Upon the Investigation Team's realization that a last player in the bizarre murders must be eliminated, the protagonist needs Nanako's help to remember a certain individual he met on his first day in Inaba. If they used a car, there's no way Dojima: The Team rushes to Tatsumi Memorial, but despite the doctor's efforts, Nanako quietly slips away, calling out weakly to her father.

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The phone may be switched off or outside our coverage area. Hey, any idea how Teddie's doing? After the police arrive to apprehend Namatame and rush the young girl to the hospital, Nanako eventually awakens.

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In a rage, Dojima runs to Namatame's room, but is later escorted by the police guard back to his room, giving the Investigation Team the opportunity to sneak in.

On Valentines Day, Nanako wants to make the protagonist some chocolate so she enlists the aid of the Investigation Team girls for advice to make it.

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