20 Tips for Creating a Professional Learning Network - InformED 20 Tips for Creating a Professional Learning Network - InformED

Personal learning networks for educators 10 tips for flirting, 10 tips for using pln’s

Turn to your PLN to crowdsource ideas or perform social searches.

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Contribute — If you have something to share, post it online where it may be accessible and useful to others. But how exactly do you go about doing that? Teachers can choose from four working groups: Pearltrees is basically a visual organizer for your links.

Sharing something about your passions and challenges outside of work can also enrich your relationships. For example, try Pearltrees.

After all, PLNs are all about learning.

Create a Personal Learning Network in 2015

This video library of actual classroom teaching offers tons of practical and inspirational resources for educators to watch and share, to improve their craft.

For many educators, it is a great starting point for experiencing a personal learning network, not to mention learning more about how these tools are impacting the future of education.

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Twitter has been the most powerful tool in the growth of my personal learning network from a half-dozen teachers in the English department lounge to thousands of educators around the globe.

It is a list of Web 2. How do you build a PLN?

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