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A Pinkie Pie with the words " Licensing Show" embedded into her symbol was used to promote the My Little Pony toy line at the Spring Licensing Show, and were intended to be released only at that show in a limited edition of My Little Pony Tales is sometimes mistaken as a Generation Two series by fans; collectors consider the series Generation 1.

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Most ponies in the line have shiny or pearly bodies and matte symbols resembling tattoos on one side, known as "cutie marks". I ran down the steps to see my sister curled up with her Pinkie Pie doll on the other side of the Living Room.

Pink Ponies

These ponies also can range from variants such as the not-so-soft Truly to completely new ponies. The Horseshoe Point program was offered in both the US and UK, although the items available for purchase varied by country.

In Europe the ponies lived in Ponyland instead of Friendship Gardensand were discontinued with the inception of the G3 line in Some of these ponies are very similar to their Asian counterparts; for example, the Italian Clio looks very similar to Glory, with the most obvious difference a non-glittery symbol.

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While the line was simultaneously released in the U. Many original ponies have been re-released in different poses or outfits.

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Some such as the Greek Ladybird are completely unique to their region. As in previous generations these playsets include at least one pony, one large playset piece and numerous accessories, and were released like the Playful Ponies.

Merchandise A large amount of My Little Pony merchandise has been released for the third generation.

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