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The year-old, whose face radiates spiritualism, is one of 37 pilgrims from Taiwan performing Hajj this year. She has also written and edited educational materials for adult and adolescent audiences with reading, learning and language needs.

Teng is accompanied by his fellow diplomat Samee Chang.

Afternoon shift

Everybody is very happy for us and my friends all requested me to pray for them in the holy places. I will beseech Allah to guide all believers to the right path — the path of peace. She has authored career books in law enforcement, law, aviation, science, forensics, transportation, engineering, and education, among other areas.

Many employers start the afternoon shift at 3 p. The afternoon shift is the second of three work shifts within a hour period. Full-time employees working an eight-hour shift would then end their shift at 12 midnight. Manufacturers, warehouses, call centers, technology support centers, hospitals, utilities, emergency response centers, restaurants, grocery stores, casinos and hotels maintain hour continuous shift scheduling.

But everything turned out all right. She currently maintains two personal blogs. He speaks Arabic and has performed Hajj several times, and so is familiar with the rituals and the challenges. Seeing the Holy Kaaba for the first time was also a profound and moving experience. Photo Credits industry image by Andrey Kiselev from Fotolia.

References 2 Employee Shift Work Schedules: We are so touched to see all the believers come together to worship Allah. Everything is much more orderly and organized.