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The higher the shoe heel, the greater the chance of losing your balance. It can injury your baby. That means setting standards and sticking to them.

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Some pregnant women may crave something that is not food, such as laundry starch or clay. Dating and expecting a baby are two things which are far from incompatible.

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There are certain foods and drinks that can harm your baby if you have them while you are pregnant. Try to use bright color lipstick and make up to make you feel good about yourself. However, if you have a history of abortion or preterm labour or have abdominal pain intercourse should be avoided.

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Do I have any special nutrition needs now that I am pregnant? Avoid brisk exercise outside during very hot weather.

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Make sure that you always look stunning on your date and leave him guessing if you wake up looking the same. Melodies of Life Listening to soulful music each day of your pregnancy can be 'nourishing' to the soul and to the baby!

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Be Honest Obviously, a pregnancy can be very hard to hide during its later stages. You can also talk about your common interests; this will give you more topics to impress him.

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Appropriate Clothes for Pregnant Women: It is important to remember that you have nothing to be embarrassed of. Anything that is not food. Cleaning your breasts and massaging the nipples prevents nipple cracks, makes them tighter.

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Gone are the days when women were ashamed of being single mothers.