Connecting The Subwoofer (hookup Options) - Polk Audio PSW PSW10 Owner's Manual [Page 7] Connecting The Subwoofer (hookup Options) - Polk Audio PSW PSW10 Owner's Manual [Page 7]

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Also, the Polka PSW 10 has smart sensing circuitry technology. Maybe there is a baby you do no t want to wake up, or you only want a quiet environment. Furthermore, there is a schematic instructing the connection of front speakers from your receiver into the back of the subwoofer left and right "inputs" and then back to the front speaker from the subwoofers left and right "outputs".

That way you get the best sound experience even at low frequency. You are probably wondering what that is. Using the speaker level connections, you are not reducing your receiver's power.

Polk Audio PSW PSW10 Owner's Manual: Connecting The Subwoofer (hookup Options)

Well, the technology enables the subwoofer to turn itself on and off. I have this sitting on the carpeted floor and it still provides enough bass polk psw10 hookup my ears.

Better connectivity Apart from placing themselves on another level of sophistication, another major reason why people buy sound systems is to enhance their comfort. Reason being it has superior compression circuitry.

The xover setting on the sub determines which frequencies it keeps for itself.

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The outputs to the main speakers will be relatively - it may have a fixed high pass filter untouched. Well, no need to worry as the sub has been designed in such a way that it uses as minimal power as possible, yet it still delivers.

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The subwoofer from Polka has a thick baffle enclosure design and internal braces which work to eradicate any internal standing waves.