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The electron then returns to its ground energy level by emitting the extra energy as a photon of light. Promethium is a low-energy beta-emitterwhich, unlike alpha emitters like radium does not degrade the phosphor lattice, so the luminosity of the material will not degrade so quickly.

Beta particles emitted by the tritium strike the phosphor coating and cause it to fluoresceemitting light, usually yellow-green. The particle usually comes from the radioactive decay of an atom of a radioisotopean isotope of an element which is radioactive.

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Promethium-based paint was used to illuminate Apollo Lunar Module electrical switch tips and painted on control panels of the Lunar Roving Vehicle. The tritium gas is contained in a small glass tube, coated with a phosphor on the inside.

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It is used on wristwatch faces, gun sightsand emergency exit signs. Radioluminescent paint consists of a mixture of a chemical containing a radioisotope with a radioluminescent chemical phosphor. Mechanism[ edit ] Radioluminescence occurs when an incoming particle of ionizing radiation collides with an atom or molecule, exciting an orbital electron to a higher energy level.

Tritium is only a health threat if ingested. Tritium is used because it is believed to pose a negligible threat to human health, in contrast to the previous radioluminescent source, radium belowwhich proved to be a significant radiological hazard.

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The constant bombardment by radioactive particles causes the chemical breakdown of many types of phosphor, so radioluminescent paints lose some of their luminosity over their working life.

Promethium[ edit ] In the second half of the 20th century, radium was progressively replaced with paint containing promethium The continuous radioactive decay of the isotope's atoms releases radiation particles which strike the molecules of the phosphor, causing them to give off light.

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Radioluminescent light sources usually consist of a radioactive substance mixed with, or in proximity to, a phosphor. The half-life of Pm is only 2.

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Since tritium is a gas, if a tritium tube breaks, the gas dissipates in the air and is diluted to safe concentrations. However, this short half-life meant that the luminosity of promethium dials also dropped by half every 2.

Even if they could, they are not able to penetrate human skin.