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Sun Rai[ edit ] Rai performs solo under the artist name 'Sun Rai. Thirsty Merc subsequently released three successful albums, their self-titled debut Thirsty Mercwhich sold 2 x platinum in Australia and received 4 ARIA Award nominations, and Sideshows that has reached Platinum status.

Mark is on record as saying,"It's a well-kept secret that Rai is an outstanding jazz pianist… I consider Rai the most exciting young jazz pianist to emerge in this country in recent years.

He played a 2nd run of shows at the end ofthis time purely solo. This particular label relationship appeared not to have flourished, but ended amicably.

He composed a short song 'Out of the Blue' for film 'Eugene,' a short film as part of A Series of Films with Roman Coppola and the Directors Bureau,' put together by vice magazine, w hotels and ultrabook computers.

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Early years[ edit ] Rai grew up in Sydney, Australia, in a musical family. Early music career and influences[ edit ] In his early teens, Rai listened to classic rock and early metal, then blues and jazz.


He has also featured as a guest musician with the electronic group Knowerand can be seen performing in the live video clip of their track Overtime. They primarily tracked live in the studio, and recorded an EP entitled 'Escargot.

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Thirsty Merc released their third studio album in June Mousetrap Heart with the title track as the first single, and the hit 'Tommy And Krista' and 'All My Life' being released as singles.

He moved to Los Angeles in mid The song was used as a musical theatre piece in the film, sung and acted by Ben Lee and Sunny Mabrey.

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He released one single, Give a Smile to the Planet, which was released in Australia in mid and peaked just under the top 40 and completed an album, which was released as a promo but was eventually shelved.

He played multiple instruments on 5 songs for Brian McFadden's record to be released in late After finishing high school in he was awarded a scholarship to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where he commenced a Bachelor of Music in jazz piano in Rai taught songwriting masterclasses at numerous schools for part of 'SongMakers' for APRA, a government funded initiative designed to introduce songwriting into high schools.

He started learning from his mother, a classical piano teacher, before his fifth birthday.