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This stands for kilowatt hours.

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If you aren't sure which are your meters and which are your neighbours', get in touch. Any changes in your energy usage at home are immediately reflected on your dashboard.

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Some meters only display day readings during the day, and night readings during the night period. The dashboard updates in real time and with low latency.

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Read the four dials from left to right along the bottom row only. Everyone will be visited by a meter reader at least once a year for a reading and safety check.

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Augmented reality based smart meter reader. The screen will cycle through readings, you will need to take the reading that starts with R1, this is your electricity reading. Build your own dashboard with real-time data Choose from dozens of pre-made reports and customize them further to suit your needs.

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Find out more here. Learn More Energy disaggregation iSmartMeter automatically detects patterns in your energy usage and disaggregates them to give you a better view of your energy behavior. To give us a reading either go to MyBulb or email help bulb.

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So if the pointer is between 9 and 0 write down 9. Book your appointment Don't have your account info to hand? You can now enter your reading, and select the date your reading was taken.

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The easiest way to tell your gas and electricity meters apart from each other is to look for "kWh" on the front of the box. If you have an electricity Smart Meter, we will receive your monthly readings automatically and you can check them in the Readings section of your My Account or the app.

If you need extra support, we have a full range of services to meet the needs of vulnerable people, including help with meter readings.

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If the arrow is between two numbers, write down the smaller number.