5de Vergadering Van Het Apenparlement 5de Vergadering Van Het Apenparlement

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Inhe became one of the Patriots.

Paape kept himself occupied by translating the "Explanation of the Rights of Man". This could sound odd for the ears of those familiar with the nature of the book; written in the 18th century, this book should have a intriguing, respectable sound at least.

Jan 12, Lan rated it liked it Reize door het Aapenland: At the time of the Coup he renewed his contacts with Pieter Vreede.

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On the first page of his last book, De onverbloemde geschiedenis "The Plain History" Paape states that he is not sure whether the Patriot movement should make him laugh or cry. Reize door het Aapenland was my wake up call: I personally prefer a balance of the two, or better phrased, both at once.

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He struggles to decide whom to save and Reize door het Aapenland: Nederlandse vluchtelingen in Frankrijk — But not at all was this the case!

The anti-French revolt of Kollum caused great strain in Friesland, so that Daendels was called in to help.

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Paape was expelled and in May he left for the Hague, totally disenchanted with the Batavian revolution. In his account, Gerrit Paape laid emphasis on the opposition being shamed and silenced by the order and peace which characterised these developments.

From this scene on, the anonymous first-person storyteller gets thrown into a spiral of ridiculousness.

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This causes him to flee to a foreign land, but instead of humans he is met with monkeys, introducing us to the true story. He struggles to decide whom to save and ends up saving none, having spent all the valuable time lost in his own indulgent thoughts.

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