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The box on the left is the value you will search by and the box on the right is what will be returned with your Action. In this case, that is a bad thing. That's all there is to it!

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Whether or not you realize it, you probably already have a super-dumb ASCII text editor installed in your computer. But in this case we use [: You probably already have everything you need installed on your computer right now.

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With Cell Cleaner, you can choose which formats to remove and which ones to keep: Using Default Value One super handy way to use the Default Value option is to create a fallback for fields that may not always be provided in your Trigger step. Well, you can do that with a text editor, but it will immediately remove all formatting, whereas you can set it against TextCleanr in advance, for example, if paragraphs or HTML should really be taken out that helps immensely at work.

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Then, to insert that first name in another app you would do the following: This will be returned if your search yields no results. Currency Formatting Many invoicing applications are currency agnostic, so if you need to take those generic invoice amounts and format them for a specific currency, here is how you would do that with Formatter, a line-item field and the Format Currency Transform: The unwanted characters typically are formatting commands built into the originating program.

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TextEdit can be used to strip out formatting, especially if you avoid Styles and other commands. Trigger application provides line-item price: By default, all of the checkboxes are selected including number format, alignment, font, background color, text color, conditional formatting, and borders.