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She was infected with the T-virus in RE3, but was cured thanks to Carlos Oliveira synthesizing a cure. Or PC reskin mods.

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Also, the plot of at least three of the series' major bad guys Dr. There is one major aspect within The Marhawa Desire involving a few people that I felt was the most compelling part of the whole damn thing.

He is stopped by Rebecca. Pick a playable character, any character. If you were low on health and had to run away from a group of zombies or a huge boss, then you were in for a rough night.

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Dying has the screen fade to white, followed by a quick scene of the character meeting their end or a camera pan showing their dead body before fading to black.

Loads of bosses, but Villager and Soldier Ganados take the cake; their Plagas often manifests itself as a tentacled brain with a huge scythe tentacle.

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Exposed to the Elements: If they took too much damage, then they would start limping and not move as fast as they normally do. There is actually only a single genuine continuity error with the Police Department, that being the window that Nemesis breaks in RE3.

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The series was fixated on the events of Raccoon City for quite awhile, even long after the year had already transpired in the real world. Veronica, on account of getting some cooler toys to play with and a possible ten inventory slots, but still got the crap knocked out of him by Wesker in the end.

They arrive and shortly afterwards we get our first zombie attack.