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Subverted with the original Seiken Densetsu, which was given the title Final Fantasy Adventure overseas. When Media Blasters released Amaenaide yo! So where's the Exorcist? Scrubs in turn became Tuho-osasto or loosely translated destructive care unit.

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In Israel, Leslie Nielsen's comedies received the same treatment. Likewise, the Canadian-produced sequel River City Ransom: Tsuukai GanGan Koushinkyoku became Aggressors of Dark Kombat because Mortal Kombat was popular and also for the clever initialismthough they had little in common aside from being Fighting Games with Finishing Moves.

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The Genesis port kept the Japanese title for its American release. The Working Title was originally "Evermore" and the game was never meant to have any ties to Secret of Mana. Or The Pagemaster got "Reszkessetek, nem hagyom magam! While the American title is a rough approximation of the Japanese original, when Nintendo of America picked up the publishing rights from Enix's US division, they also redesigned the logo and boxart to resemble the one used for The Legend of Zelda: Both titles indicate a "remixed" Sega Saturn version of the original PlayStation game, though the international title seems to have taken after another 3D Fighting Game for the Saturn, Virtua Fighter Remix.

The Spanish spoof film Spanish Movie yes the title is the same in Spanish is clearly an allusion to the Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer spoof movies even when there is no relationship other than the fact that the movie is a parody of Spanish cinema.