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He used an old coffee tin as an ashtray. He walked out, his eyes on the ground. Buy from Amazon 'Rob Magnuson Smith, in his deeply moving and beautifully written novel The Gravedigger, gives us passage to the isolated English village of Chalk.

The bar was up a short set of steps. The two years he had on Tom showed in his shoulders, and in the wear of his eyes.

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He imagined himself a warrior fighting back but the sound of the hitting wouldn't let him. Tell me what you were doing, won't you?

Stand up, take a sip of gin.

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The top shelf held the bottles of Panama rum Joel Niedermyer sent him for Christmas each year. I never told him I loved him, and then he died. He kept as quiet as he could and held his breath as he turned the pages.

Frank was feeding it to the boys. The two-story farmhouse, curtains drawn, waited at the top of the driveway. Their relationship becomes a startling investigation of love, faith, and the search for meaning.

He poured himself another whiskey. He put his finger to his lips.