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This correspondence soon grew well beyond the confines of the magazine and in the autumn of the page Doctor Who: He edited Kenneth Williams 's diaries for publication, despite being the target of Williams's acid pen in those same diaries. Unlike Doctor Who, his writing involvement in these two shows has been minimal in Doctor Who: Russell continues to inspire and educate, as well as offend, people about the bar industry.

Didn't dial up the melodrama too much and showed quite a lot of his 'process'. Russell again solidified his rockstar bartender status by helping friends and fellow bar consultants, The Bon Vivants, open and close the Tex-Mex, Rock'n Roll pop up bar called Rio Grande, located in downtown San Francisco from mid earlyand with Davis's help, quickly became a legendary bar icon.

It all accords with the mood of this piece.

Russell T Davies

He presents Brain of Britain on Radio 4, first temporarily to cover the illness of presenter Robert Robinson, then permanently from when Robinson retired. He wrote or co-wrote the debut episodes of each. InDavies became one of the only Doctor Who-related personnel to be depicted in a fictional and non-parody context when Robert Degas portrayed him in the comedy Hudson and Pepperdine Save the Planet, an instalment of Afternoon Play which was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 19 August Having worked in a large variety of bars like rock'n roll dives, honky-tonks, hip-hop nightclubs, cabana bars, and swanky speakeasies, Russell's experience runs deep within a world most people do not know about.

He created the award-winning original Queer as Folk which includes several references to Doctor Who and a supernatural drama for adults, The Second Comingwhich starred the future Ninth DoctorChristopher Ecclestonas a reborn Christ.

On his watch numerous original-series characters and enemies have been reintroduced to new audiences. His favourite classic series story is The Ark in Spacewhile his favourite Doctor is Tom Baker ; he has also expressed admiration for Robert Holmesthe writer of The Ark in Space and many classic stories.

Slinging drinks started as a part time job to pay for college, then quickly became a true passion. His passion not only lies in captivating audiences with his various techniques used in his innovative and creative cocktails, bar programs, and style, but also in the art of being a true bartender.

And this morning I went to see Coda, a documentary about Ryuichi Sakamoto. Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Russell, who has an uncontrollable passion for music, also loves to play guitar and dance.

And one of the the best-dressed people in the world.

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