YG Entertainment shuts down G-dragon and Sandara Park dating rumors YG Entertainment shuts down G-dragon and Sandara Park dating rumors

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Despite the fact of Sandara Park struggling due to her lack of language proficiency and being heavily criticized by the judges, she somehow managed to capture the hearts of Filipino viewers and ended up as runner-up.

It was probably at this time that due to desperation, she took part in several "sexy photoshoots" in an attempt to gain attention. She released an album despite her less than stellar vocal skills and it actually went double platinum.

Jellosweets Pictures of her during that time: I can't really say anything about the Filipino fans since Koreans have their share of crazy fanaticism for stars with little talent I won't name names herebut looking at her past "performances", I can't understand what the big deal was about; I mean, she had a zillion commercial endorsements, she was on numerous TV shows and even hosted her own, and she was in two movies despite having no substantial talent.

When she broke up with her on-screen partner and reacted by returning to Korea for a while, the hype had died down. After writing this sob story about how she had fame and then lost it and is now trying to regain it, I can't really say that she deserves to be in the spotlight since I don't know how much her vocal ability has improved since "Lollipop" is too electronic to tell if she sings wellbut if it's still anything remotely similar to the video below, I can only hope she'll have minimal roles in the songs and a lot of electronic help because vocal training can only get you so far.

An example of Sandara Park's amazing singing abilities: One Sohee in the industry is enough, thank you.

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Fortunately the Philippine public came to their senses pretty quickly. I'm sure our Filipino allkpop readers will know more about her stint there than I do so correct me if I'm wrongbut from what I've gathered, here's a brief history for those out of the loop.

Apparently, she went on national television and cried about how her father had left them and taken all their money with him, and after this revelation through sympathy she received a movie deal but it bombed at the box office. She couldn't find any work in Korea so she went back to the Philippines but she was received quite coldly.

After a period of practically no existence in the entertainment arena, Sandy as she was often referred to in the Philippine media packed up her bags and returned to Korea once again. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Sandara Park.

She looks like a preteen despite the fact that she's 26 and she seems quite dim-witted, too. She signed with YG Entertainment and is now a member of the so-called "female Big Bang" 2NE1, and although the group's success is yet to be determined, they've gained quite a bit of popularity so far.

She entered a reality show called "Star Circle Quest" which is sort of like "American Idol" except that the contestants aren't limited to singing; they're expected to sing, dance, act, and model.