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After the October Revolution of the building was nationalised, and in it was given to the Local History Museum. It is one of the few places where you can learn about the customs and traditions of the Mokshi and Erzia ethnic groups that constitute the Mordva people, including the history of their gradual conversion to Christianity.

Both artists were born in what is now the Republic of Mordovia. John the Theologian Makarovsky Monastery The monastery is in the nearest suburb of the Mordovian capital - the village of Makarovka.

There are four bell towers and 12 bells, the largest of which weighs six tons. After two years of repairs and additional construction the former church opened its doors as a museum. In it was badly damaged in a fire, which destroyed the Collegiate Church, which gave the name to the square.

It is known that the Saint John the Theologian Cathedral was initially built by Makar Polyansky, thus the monastery is called Makarovsky. The dominant element of the new pedestrian area is the Zvezda Mordovii Star of Mordovia fountain, 60 meters in diameter with LED lighting.

As part of the press tour, you will visit the following landmarks: Before Erzia became a famous sculptor, exhibiting works in Venice, Rome, Milan, Nice and Paris, he worked in various icon-painting studios and painted churches in the Volga region.

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Next to the cathedral is a monument to Fedor Ushakov — a Russian admiral who commanded the Black Sea Fleet in — The military commander spent only his last years in Mordovia, but his family history is closely intertwined with the history of the Mordva people.

Theodore Ushakov Construction began in and ended in August The museum is named in honour of Ivan Voronin, considered the father of the academic study of Mordovia's regional ethnography.

The central cross of the Empire-style cathedral stands at 62 metres ft high.