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Sasha and malia dating, today's top stories

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She is amazing, so it makes the show fun. The picture was captioned "Style Popper. Tweets were made, stating that her outfit choice was distasteful and that she was a disgrace to the Obama family.

Sasha & Malia Obama Receive Dating Advice From Their Watchful Dad

She paired the dress with black Chuck Taylor Converse, which kept the outfit dressed down and comfortable. The former president's oldest daughter is not getting involved in politics or the government, instead, she is taking interest in the entertainment industry.

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If she was not at the front of the stage enjoying the sets of her favorite rappers, she was backstage meeting the artist who sings her favorite songs. They used this picture to advertise their merchandise, as they told their fans they can purchase the same shirt as the president's daughter.

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Malia has expressed in the past her love for hip hop and rap music, therefore, attending Lollapoolaza is a must for this teen, even if it means missing an important event. As for Malia's career, it is not known what she is studying at Harvard, but if it has to do with anything about the place she has been interning at, surely it has to do with the entertainment industry.

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Malia will learn a lot working at the Weinstein Company, despite the recent heat he has been under. Atlanta Blackstar Like any other year-old, Malia was caught singing and dancing along to rapper, Bryson Tiller's, set at Lollapalooza.

Lena also admitted to Vanity Fair that no one on set noticed the Secret Service until they blocked a girl from using her own bathroom because Malia was using it.

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Barack and I work out together every single morning. When the yawn was seen on national television people were quick to make the image a GIF.

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However, Malia opted to pair this dress with Mary Jane flats.