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Seikai no danshou online dating, seikai no danshou: tanjou (dub)

He tries to flag it down, but he isn't noticed.

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Meanwhile, Lafiel reminisces about the last conversation she had with Jinto before his departure. After the fact, while enjoying a sunset and thinking of Lafiel, Jinto receives a message that a rebellion has broken out!

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Fighting to stay in order to see Lafiel again, Jinto thinks back to all the adventures he had with Lafiel from the time when they first met to the theme park chase on Sufugnoff She uses her endearing pet name for him, "Fool", and he calls her his "Precious little Princess. Spoor rejects the offer at first but then agrees.

Lafiel soon requests help from Spoor in order to carry out the emigration plan. Meanwhile, Jinto awakens and heads outside seeing a ship preparing an emergency launch.

Elsewhere, Jinto is having problems reassuring Meideen and the rest of the evacuees so that they can return in order to continue emigrating those with permission off the planet. Meideen, meanwhile, authorizes an immediate evacuation of the Western section the women's section. Dokufu, meanwhile, is killed because he doesn't want to suffer Abh Hell for Angusson's stupidity.

Unfortunately, out of Spoor's fleet of thirty-three ships, twenty-six were destroyed.

Seikai no Danshou: Tanjou (Dub)

Elsewhere, the crew of the Basroil reminisce about experiences they shared with Jinto, assuming the worst about him. While she is patiently waiting for Jinto to be found, Samson is preparing a meal for him. Some plans include whether or not the Territorial Ambassador should bring in more ships or if the Darksis the ship transporting the inhabitants should make more trips back and forth.

Jinto is found in a cave and Lafiel rushes to his side. As the last of the women evacuees are boarding the transport ship, Spoor's fleet heads into battle with the enemy squadron. Jinto decides to stay on the planet to ensure that all the Western section inhabitants are safely evacuated.

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