Ulzzang Feizl and Gyaru: Ulzzang Boys Ulzzang Feizl and Gyaru: Ulzzang Boys

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The game only stops when the shuttlecock gets stuck in the net.

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They were close friends even before they filmed 'Pinocchio' and are still good friends, so I think they were misunderstood. While this is all circumstantial evidence, it does not mean that the accusers are simply making these claims up.

At some point, I laughed so hard that I thought I might die.

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He has Korean ethnicity. In fact, he has mentioned several times that he wants to be a regular on the show. If they gave the right answers, they were allowed to pick a special prize.

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Their job is to build the show around the cast, not themselves. As a loving husband and wife, they have welcomed a son named Jee Hyun-woo.

So before you comment on the situation, ask yourself — why do I feel the way I do? Even Yoo Jae Sook probably didn't think that the prank would go too far.

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That's so Lee Kwang Soo. And if the accusations are true, Ji-soo needs to be held accountable.