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Many visitors stay on quiet outer beaches from which they can join the evening party at Ton Sai, and return in the early hours. There are a few social hotspots where people gather at sunset to meet and chat. I am ready for that look. Most selected beaches have social scenes on the sand for younger people, for we assume there are more younger, unattached females in the single traveller group.

Many people continue to hang out on the beach in the dark. Thailand's raunchy reputation, however, does not hold true in the great majority of beach destinations. And, according to the author, I need to make more of a public announcement so that it is extremely clear where I am coming from, and what I am looking for, so that this world can get it right.

Koh Phayam; for girls, for surfers and all really laid-back types. The youthful party scene strikes up on the back beach around sunset each day, and ratchets up into party mode as the hours, beers and joints go by.

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I am ready for adventure. A note of warning about safety must also be made: We don't touch places with blatant sex-for-sale scenes, which are generally a turn-off for single women. How many incidents happen but go unreported?

Where we laugh so hard it hurts, and tears are uncontrollably streaming down our faces. Our selected beaches generally have a broad mix of single male and female visitors.

I am ready to make someone laugh and smile and want to be around me. For political correctness we should also make mention of the distinctly male party scenes that have helped make Thailand famous; Pattaya and Patong Beach. And to be prepared, and know what to expect where.