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Comment posted by Jo Zombie Jiggmin. Eggman is down but he isn't out just yet. You care nothing for my island!

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Knuckles' journey through this game is somewhat different. It's speculated though not necessarily confirmed that it doesn't even take place during Sonic's, but after it. Comment posted by Anonymous on Thursday, 29th September3: Angel Island Zone, after completing the boss "Well, now we know for sure that Eggman is here, which means that my tracker was right about the Death Egg," said Tails as he flicked his twin tails in disgust at the mere mention of the vile doctor's name.

Later I might go about doing a full story of the game. And I want you to leave here, now! I decided for a first time that I'd write my own versions of all the cut-scenes that Sonic and Knux encounter each other throughout the game.

Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 3

Just take a moment to chill. Wha…where are the Emerald?

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Knuckles lives to guard this giant stone, and removing it would destroy the island, not to mention causing unimaginable havoc in Eggman's hands, but as we shall eventually find out, our favourite scientist has little concern for any of that.

Comment posted by dinosaur on Sunday, 17th April3: As Knuckles, you never encounter Sonic during the game, the Death Egg is no where to be found, even in the exact same places where it can be seen in Sonic's version of the gameand Angel Island appears to be floating now, whereas it doesn't in Sonic's game until the very end.