Tips for Spoolmatic 30A Tips for Spoolmatic 30A

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Controls Trigger Press trigger to energize welding power source contactor if applica- blestart shielding gas flow, and begin wire feed. Pressure Roll Assembly Lift arm and open pressure roll assembly. If tab is removed, a smaller di- ameter contact tip is recom- mended. Spool Cut welding wire off at contact tip.

For shielding gas preflow and post- flow, lightly press trigger before and after welding. Thumbscrew Canister Cover Loosen thumbscrew and remove cover. Designed for Ease of Use A wire feed speed adjustment on the gun handle and reversible drive rolls save both time and money. The quick-change, single-turn contact tip perform well and is designed for quick and easy replacement.

Routine Maintenance Y Disconnect power Maintain more often before maintaining.

Miller Spoolmatic 30A Owner's Manual Page 27

Reversible drive roll saves time and money. Cylinder Valve Remove cap, stand to side of valve, and open valve slightly. It goes perfectly with the Millermatic Gas flow blows dust and dirt from valve. Wire speed adjustment on the gun handle saves time. Engineered for operator comfort, the Spoolmatic 30A gives you portability and a 30 ft cable assembly to access those hard-to-reach welds.

Install new o-ring and adapter, and tighten setscrews. Get the information you need to hook up your Spoolmatic. Installing Gas Supply Obtain gas cylinder and chain to running gear, wall, or other station- ary support so cylinder cannot fall and break off valve.