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So, the error is likely not an intentional attempt by Google to mislead the American people and is far more likely the result of algorithm insufficiency. As it now stands, Stein, Johnson and McMullin could act as a convenient parking spot for voters disgusted with both candidates. Soft-spoken and wearing Nikes, Johnson presented a platform of social libertarianism, fiscal conservatism and non-interventionism in foreign affairs.

Inblame was laid on a myriad of things including the financial collapse, Bush's legacy, and Sarah Palin as John McCain's vice presidential pick. Iowa What are delegates and how are they allocated? With Clinton now leading Trump by double digits in some key battleground states, the impact of any third-party candidate could be limited.

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The list of documents can be found on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the "Implementing Migration Accountability" section.

Plus, his tough and bombastic talk will make him a force in primary debates. In Las Vegas, he was asked repeatedly if a vote for him or any third-party candidate was somehow wasted. The long-term impact may be a significant shift in how people view Democrats and Republicans, he said.

Foreign carriers will be able to install the equipment required to be granted access to the host cities free of charge.

Andrew Couts Andrew Couts is the former editor of Layer 8, a section dedicated to the intersection of the Internet and the state—and the gaps in between. Lower-tier delegates are selected based on caucus votes.

And Facebook faced similar criticism after blocking links to the whistleblower website. The question is whether Jeb can actually stand pat on the sidelines or whether he makes a run to become the third Bush to be Commander-in-Chief.