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Offers pay-per-view film rentals as soon as the titles are released on home video platforms, such as DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Telecine Pipoca, Action, Touch and Fun have audio dubbed in Portuguese with subtitles turned off by default, with the original audio with subtitles as an option.

Later that year, the channel changed its language options to Portuguese audio and subtitles turned off by default and original audio with subtitles as an option. With the launch of an HD simulcast of Telecine Cult on December 4,now all six Telecine networks are available in high-definition.

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Telecine Cult[ edit ] On its original incarnation, Telecine 5 and later Telecine Classic, it was dedicated to classic film. On October 22,the channel was once again renamed to Telecine Touch, featuring films that "touch" the channel's audience.

Telecine Premium has original audio and Portuguese subtitles turned on by default, with the dubbed version as an option. Video on demand services[ edit ] Telecine offers two video on demand services: A selection of Telecine Play films, including most recent titles, is available on the television providers' VOD services.

HD channels[ edit ] In AprilTelecine launched its first high-definition channel, Telecine HD, featuring recent releases, and most premieres were simulcasted on Telecine Premium, but Telecine HD wasn't a full simulcast of Telecine Premium, instead having an all-HD lineup, with 5.

Renamed Telecine 1 inwith the launch of the other four channels, and several years later, was renamed once again to its current name.

The exception is Telecine Cult, which only features the original audio, subtitled in Portuguese. Its current incarnation, Telecine Pipoca "pipoca" is Portuguese for "popcorn"is based on recent releases, dubbed in Portuguese.