Brandon Jennings — Teyana Taylor Claims NBA Star Took Her Virginity — WATCH – Hollywood Life Brandon Jennings — Teyana Taylor Claims NBA Star Took Her Virginity — WATCH – Hollywood Life

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Though there's always two sides to every story, as proven in this situation, one fact has never been up for debate from either side. But when I feel like things are being made up about me and Tae is behind it, now I gotta start stating facts!

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So I'm guessing, your playing the role you played in keyshia Cole's " trust and believe " video, in real life now huh? My issue is with Tae.

Is Teyana Taylor's 'Sorry' About Brandon Jennings?

According to Jennings, he and Taylor were definitely not together when he began dating her. Another friend chimed in: I flew out to Houston see him when they played the Houston Rockets. Sounds like a guy who's out to get famous chicks Foh [f-ck outta here] everybody knows that!

Taylor reveals she lost her virginity to the Detroit Pistons star and they were indeed engaged.

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Taylor spoke to Brandon three days before he went public with Tae: There is no friendship! Because She speak so highly of b like you calling you her "SIS" and then you do sh-t like this behind her back smfh and you know that's her ex-fiance!

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Read excerpts from her interview below. No one seems to ask the right questions — Tae Heckard taeheckard September 22, Despite past drama, Taylor has embraced new love with Iman Shupert and new baby "Junie.

Most people who quote the saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" have more than likely been betrayed by someone they once called a friend, as is the case with "Put Your Love On" singer Taylor, who exposed some emotional pain involving her ex and former best friend on The Wendy Williams Show.

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Jennings and Heckard must've caught an earful about the interview which prompted them both to respond on Twitter with some indirect messages to Taylor, as reported by BET.