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The 13 characteristics and their definitions are: Looking at the national interests in the National Security Strategy more closely gives us the reasons for U.

McCloy, the Making of the American Establishment.

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For those whose ambition is to create a better kind of botox or Viagra, well, they are welcome to do so. The American Way of War: As mentioned, incentives of various kinds can help, even as the overwhelming emphasis would be on encouraging visionaries, investors, and companies to use their own money to do new things and take big risks.

Former Secretary of State Kissinger argues for the need for criteria, as indiscriminate involvement would drain a crusading America and isolationism would mean giving up security to the decisions of others. Harvard University Press,3.

Rather, the American way of war is twofold: From a strategic standpoint, the American way of war seeks swift military victory, independent of strategic policy success; the desired political and military outcomes do not always align.

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However, the basic concepts of concentration, mass and annihilation, he argues, became predominant and would define American strategic thought consciously or unconsciously for some time.

Subsequent historians have either enumerated as many as 13 characteristics to define the American way of battle or on the other hand denied the existence of it.

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