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I admit to not having seen the original and I honestly don't care to. Keith Phipps from The A. When the call ends, Abby receives a photo message from her boyfriend Ross from the first short. The cast is superior to the first movie, with numerous female characters and quality actresses to play 'em.

It's weird how "Scary Movie 4" which most people don't like it still more entertaining than this as is actually has intentional jokes. Most notably, the lack of any coherent plot.

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This is a well-made horror flick that focuses on haunting atmosphere and ghostly scares rather than cartoony gore. As the call ends, Brooke agrees to play hide and seek with the child, Josh, whom she is babysitting and chooses a walk-in closet as her hiding place.

To top it all off, at the end nothing is really ever resolved and it's just the same as it always was.

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The film features mostly bad acting. The first movie is good enough to be worth it but this sequel does not have the same strength and quality.

Abby attempts to call her boyfriend and warn him, but she only hears Kayako and then it hangs up.

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Vanessa attempts to contact Miyuki. Unfortunately, the story structure is weak in that it fails to work up suspense, except for maybe the last act where the filmmakers try to tie everything together.