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Feeling that his nightmare is over, he strikes up a friendship with a carnival midget named Clarice. It is directed by Universal stalwart Jack Arnold who also helmed many of the other films in the series.

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Louise returns home and fears that the cat has killed her husband. Vacationing on a boat, while the wife Louise Randy Stuart is below deck, husband Scott Carey Grant Williams above becomes exposed to a radioactive mist, that changes his body's metabolism "anti-cancer".

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Critics question why the mist did not affect others, including the wife, but the doctor's Raymond Bailey explanation later is that Carey was accidentally previously exposed to insecticides, the 2 compounds in his system reacted together to create the phenomenon.

Director Jack Arnold paces beautifully, Richard Matheson script is intelligent and the closing scenes have a soaring, wondrous quality that few films have ever matched.

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But before long he's shrinking again, becoming so tiny that he is forced to live in a dollhouse. It is finally determined that he has developed an "anti-cancer," a by-product of a new strain of insecticide.

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While catching some rays on his brother's yacht, Scott Carey Williams is enveloped by a mysterious dark cloud. He did appear in the TV series "Hawaiian Eye" but his career faded.

The final scene is especially poignant.

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Somewhere along the way he is also exposed to an insecticide.