Over thirty, flirty and thriving~~~ Over thirty, flirty and thriving~~~

Thirty flirty and thriving etsy vintage. Thirty, flirty, and thriving.

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Danielle, when you asked me a couple days ago about how I felt turning thirty here is your answer… I feel great. Wednesday, April 2, thirty, flirty, and thriving This was my year to turn the "big" As I prayed I felt that I needed to evaluate what my priorities should be.

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These are my people. The first baptism I went to was for a new friend I had met at Institute over the summer who attends the Family Ward I was moving in to. When I was 20, I think I knew 3 women who were over 40 and single, and one of them had never really been overly interested in getting married.

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At 20 I was waiting for life to happen to me. Figure out something I can do to make money from home and do it.

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Such a fun and fancy hotel. I am beyond grateful to call these girls my friends! A couple of weeks before my birthday I decided that the Sunday after my birthday would be my last Sunday in the YSA ward but even then I went back and forth.

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Throughout the year I will be updating this blog as I accomplish each item on my list. I briefly thought about it but decided it was too late to change my mind.

Last night, one of my best friends threw me a surprise 30th b-day party with five of my besties!

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During my senior year of college I made a list of 10 things I wanted to accomplish before I turned