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Not usually, we are pretty much told exactly what happens but when it comes to developing the scene we have a lot to say about what we say and what we do.

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The show is so popular I think because dance is a growing phenomenon for the average person. It has all been pretty crazy. Anybody can tell you what your next step is but it is best to figure that out for yourself.

I don't know but i think they would make a great couple and i am their biggest fan of them bigger than anyone can be i like team Jacob but i just think Alice and jasper or i should say Ashley Green and Jackson Rathbone.

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Do you drum in real life? Did you start with one type of dance and then move from there?

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But I like to play a character, any sort of character and as many characters as possible. But everybody on the show can do them?

Brittany raymond and trevor tordjman

How many hours did you devote to dance? He does not date Maria Trevor, when did you first start dancing? Especially when you get older.

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How does the author describe Raymond in his steps? Who does Jeff hardy date in real life? From what I remember, up to 30 or 40 hours a week or something like that. The writers did a great job, and there is stuff that is unexpected but yes you get to see how it plays out.