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In her book Trimberger presents the results of a long-term, qualitative study of twenty-seven women, ranging in age from thirty to sixty.

Many of the women Trimberger interviewed said it was difficult to come to terms with singleness because of societal pressure to couple. She eventually arrives at six key points that she believes single women need: I hope that The New Single Woman will help change our culture's view of singleness and support women to accept and cherish their single lives.

Compatibility between spouses is not linked to finding a soul mate, but is seen as the result of patient work, along with family support.

I am not discontented or lonely — in fact, far from it.

Others relate how they came to terms with issues and situations important to unmarried and unattached people, including single motherhood, sexuality, and creating a sense of family. Rarer, Riskier, and Happier Than in the U.

Moreover, the arranged marriage system in India serves to liberate unmarried women there from the self esteem trap. But Trimberger is resolutely focused not on comparisons, but on the strategies her subjects attempt to use to deal with this and other concerns.

Only in an intimate couple will we find emotional satisfaction, sexual fulfillment, companionship, security and spiritual meaning.

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In the end, the only factor holding the narrative together is that each woman is single, as is Trimberger. And it always bewildered me, because I did not feel sorry for myself, so why did they?

Trimberger also addresses the downside to the single life as faced by her interview subjects. Now, I can't stop pondering it.

The New Single Woman

Unmarried American Web site, http: Single people may be alone, but they are not lonely; they have their problems, but they are not desperate; their lives are fulfilling and meaningful.

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