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It is established that the most common cause of turbo failure is an external factor, that means, the very cause of failure is not in the turbocharger, but in an external impact on it. Pulling and turning the wheel, it should not touch the walls of the cold part of the turbocharger.

Diagnosis of turbocharger malfunction - the simplest ways There are simple ways to identify a turbo malfunction without dismantling it from the engine.

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Professional repairs of turbochargers are carried out by qualified, specially trained personnel using the most modern and reliable equipment.

As in the case of standard repairs, the assembly also uses a new turbocharger repair kit; The assembled cartridge is placed in special balancing equipment, where it is balanced with the parameters set for the current turbo; The turbocharger is fully assembled; Completion of the work on the full repair of the overall performance check of turbo, the performance of all tests on the suitability of the turbocharger for operation.

Contaminated with foreign particles, the oil adversely affects the turbocharger, greatly deteriorating its moving parts, scratching and damaging its bushings and bearings.

The standard repair of the turbo is performed with the wear of the bushings, gaskets, rings and other small parts.

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Having discovered a crack, split, or other kind of critical deformation of the hull, repair is needed to immediately repair turbo or replace it.

The carbon deposits, rust, soot, coke and other contaminants typical of a turbocharger are removed; With cold abrasive treatment, the surface of the turbo housing is cleaned; In the cleaning chamber, the components of the turbocharger are re-cleaned with chemicals; The cartridge core of the turbocharger consists of a new, previously balanced shaft, bearing housing, sleeves, rings and other parts.

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The whole process of production passes a strict, automated control. When the turbocharger is operating, a whistle is heard, or a noise similar to a whistle Usually the whistling is due to the non-tightness of the turbo system. In turbos with variable geometry VNT, VGT, VG one of the reasons for poor acceleration and power drop may be the jammed nozzle ring jammed due to the deposit.

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