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Clueless driver drags a U-Haul trailer on its side down a highway - Daily Mail Daily Mail Il y a 2 mois Hilarious video has captured a van driving down a highway with a U-Haul trailer on its side The video begins with a vehicle that sees the U-Haul van being Customer service said to call their roadside service to make an appointment.

Ultimately, nothing was resolved because nothing changed. We were also told when you have an issue, if they call you and you don't answer, they just mark the issue as resolved.

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U-Haul truck ramps are flush with the lowest truck deck in the industry to help make your move easier. Even unloaded we would not be able to re-attach the hitch again. UHaul expects you to dead weight lift the tongue up onto your trailer hitch ball onto the coupler.

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U-Haul 6x12 Cargo Trailer Features U-Haul Il y a 3 ans The 6x12 cargo trailer is perfect for businesses that frequently haul and transport equipment or goods.

If I'm even keeping this straight, we've talked to like 10 different people.

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Simply load the container We'll see if roadside service comes and actually does the service of re-attaching and how long it takes. Transferred to Alicia at Scheduling who said we had to work it out with the 3rd party truckers.

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So we're supposed to get a call from him tomorrow.