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Envol d'un courant d'air Ecras la gueule par terre On est toujours a bout de souffle A bout de nerfs Dans sa multimationale blinde mondialise L'homme actif de nos tendres annes C'est le technocrate de son mtier Qui a cras ses millions de partenaires Qui a cras nos vendeurs de rverbres Qui fait du gringue sa secrtaire Et qui se retient pendant la prire Bush, for example in their music.

Me and my partner, in my impala Poppin' on collars, tossin up dollars A truck on the side of us but who wanna follow Bet a hundred dollars that they all wanna swallow Doggy Doggfather I do it to you real hard then it gets hot, it's nada Thang on mine, bang on mine I smoke an ounce and bounce at the same time It's off the limbo with Timbo, you motherfuckin bimbo So quit knockin at my window, you nympho Maniac, bring it back, now shake it up Put it on the table, now break it up Give it to me, now put a lighter on the end of it It really don't matter what you spent on it As long as you're gettin what you paid for That's what it's made for, ain't that what you stayed for?

Qui pratiquera son art de la maitrise Comment profiter de la crise Comment profiter des petites entreprises Dans son flirt avec la crise Elle est plus forte que toi la crise They have sold more thanalbums worldwide and celebrated their 10 year anniversary infollowed by a nationwide tour.

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Here you can post a video or audio performance. Snoop Dogg Smoke till your eyes get cataracts Snoop Dogg You've got a girl lay her on her back Snoop Dogg Millionaire, makin that paper stack Snoop Dogg You play me and I'll play you You pay me and I'll pay you Hold on boo, you got the game all wrong This aint your thang, this my song Move on, we in the club, at the Shark Bar Valet my keys, and park my car No snap shots, cuz I might get popped As I slide by security, givin 'em props First thing I do, when I get in Let me take you back to when I first slid in Grab my gin and, get my woman, put my bib in, no bullshittin We be sippin, in the corner With smoke comin' from up under us like we sittin in the sauna Burnin' up the charts, break a bitch off hard Little mama don't you start [chorus].

The drug references have been notably toned down in their later albums.

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Tu finiras cul et chemise Dans ton flirt avec la crise! Pour Un Flirt Avec La Crise song words Use, lamine la populace se hisse On est lourd de cernes mais la foule se glisse Dans un couloir de mtro Les yeux rivs sur l'aiguille regarder passer le temps Qui se faufile comme une anguille Et ne cesse de te mettre dans le vent Tu finiras par lacher prise Dans ton flirt avec la crise!

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You just need to put the link to your video in the upper text field example: This, along with other factors such as fewer political references and their popularity amongst a younger French crowd, have led some fans to accuse Tryo of becoming more commercial as they progress.

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Currently we only support YouTube videos, but we will be adding other video and audio! Tryo have been wildly popular throughout France partly due to their politically charged lyrics, whilst also showing a fun side with a range of humorous songs, especially true in their live performances.

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