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Getting players to return to your game is not only great for increasing views, but it also helps developers gain more recognition, and both sponsors and developers will earn a decent bit more revenue, assuming the developer put ads such as Mochi or CPMstar in their game.

Workshop: Utopian Mining - Critique

Sound effects are nicely done, even if a bit simple. Your Turn What do you think of Utopian Mining? I also figured out how to fix the target game mouse problem so the mouse no longer is invisable after the game. For an example, let's look at the shop screen: Mine around as a mining robot, earn money, buy better hardware and complete missions.

It does so much right that it stings horribly when you do come across its few faults. The music on the surface is excellent and charming, which sets an immediately positive mood for players. The unfortunate side to this, for Utopian Mining, is that the game isn't quite long enough to ensure a returning play from most players, as it's generally beaten in the first sitting.

I rebooted this game to celebrate the beginning of the sequel I am currently working on, guaranteed to be better than the first, you have my word! This may take an extra five or ten minutes to do early on in the game, but it generally pays off. Utopian Mining offers some very nice looking retro graphics, which instantly earn my approval.

There's no reason to annoy your players because you feel like being truly retro; give players an option, and both casual and hardcore players will be happy. The game lacks any sort of real depth aside from the digging bit [that was a terrible pun - Ed.

Also it takes a bit to load so just be patient, don't know why the loading screen doesn't appear when it is loading but it's loading FIX Just uploaded a complete coding remake of the game, fixed bugs and game plays fine now, sorry for the first version, I uploaded this version but it didnt upload, instead the first buggy one did, hope this makes the game more enjoyable.

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