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Validating data after migration. Validating database after migration

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For the comparison after the migration, how to do effective sampling from both TD and hadoop so that we are comparing closer sample data sets? However, a true unit test would be to load data from the source objects and run SQL with identical functionality in the two environments.

Make sure that the reports can easily be exported to Excel to allow for comparison. This primarily tests that all the objects required by the application are present and perform as expected.

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To verify a successful Access System data migration in release 7. Number of empty values on each column d. The following checks are recommended: This section describes the testing process that is followed during the Developing Phase for the database.

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After the correctness of the database structure and its objects is guaranteed, data migration can proceed. The system privileges available in the two databases differ significantly.

Develop group functions based on time.

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The timing of hash total reporting is critical - as you may still be closing the books in your old system when data migration runs, there is no reason to run a trial balance until it is ready. It will help you find items that got missed on related tables.

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Selecting the top-n rows from each block or amp gives a useful sample, though not technically a truly statistically random sample. An error occurred on the specified object of the specified component. No special plans are needed for validating data integrity.

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The same reports should be executed against the original database and the migrated database using a snapshot or copy of production data. The beta version of this tool is available as of the date of publishing this solution.

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