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Validating your emotions lyrics, hang on to your emotions video

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Look for potential explanations and reasons why you or who you are communicating with is feeling that particular emotion. They need us to respond to to their feelings and emotions with empathy and concern, despite our opinions of them.

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Validating means that we are acknowledging and working towards understanding why we or another person feel a certain way and accepting that that emotion is here and real for us right now.

It is simply recognize the feeling or the struggle that the child is going through. I guess it's cause I'm cold, shit Thought you was gon' be spendin me I betcha think you sho' did but game recognize game, now you lame in the brain Stupid bitch that's what you get for tryin to gold dig, now [Chorus] Yeah, this be Hype, the Verbal Tantrum Kickin it with my man Twista If you should suck my soul I should make your funky emotions Nothin is good unless you play with it Play with me baby I know you think it's blasphemy but won't you give up when she ask for me?

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Focus on the present. Instead of judging yourself or fighting your feelings, sitting with your emotions would look like this, she said: Sitting with our emotions simply means allowing them, resisting the urge to get rid of the pain and not judging ourselves for having these emotions, she said.

Method Summary During times of intense distressing emotions or experiences, identify and acknowledge what you are feeling and try to accept and understand your emotions by identifying some causes and explanations for them.

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We have to first separate validation from actions or reinforcement. But in my mouth is where the gold be Cause I be pimpin her like Goldie Gotta get paid in this age my fingers ain't made just to be choppin up confetti with, if it's already thick you better study nigga if you ain't with it you can get it cause I ain't even on that petty shit So who the fuck do I competi with?

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One way to get a better idea of validation is to think of its opposite, which is invalidation. When a child is experiencing an emotion, dismissing or questioning that emotion leads to self-doubt.