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Thomasa number of his nice abstractions are left out: If the Greeks had not written, perhaps the Church would not have had exactly this fourfold arrangement. In this idea of justiceviz.

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My email address is webmaster at newadvent. ThomasSumma Theol. In so doing he naturally looked to the faculties employed and to the objects about which they were employed. This is a departure from the idea prominent in Platonic justiceand agrees with the Scholastic definition.


Thomas derives the various significations of the virtues as cardinal, whether in the generic sense, inasmuch as they are the common qualities of all other moral virtues, or in the specific sense, inasmuch as each has a distinct formal object determining its nature. Those whose passions are more ordered may in this regard have more perfect virtue; while from another standpoint their merit is less than that of those who are constant in virtue by heroic resistance to perpetual temptations of great strength.

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In The Catholic Encyclopedia. Thomas replies that prudence is practical, not speculative; and so it has regard to the will, while the two passions, the concupiscible and the irascible, receiving in their own department, at the dictate of reason, the improving qualifications or habits which are the effects of repeated acts, are thereby rendered more docile to the will, obeying it with greater promptness, ease, and constancy.

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Matthew with the four recorded by St. The fourfold system The origin of the fourfold system is traceable to Greek philosophy; other sources are earlier, but the Socratic source is most definite.

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