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Vodka Flirt Commercial

Here's how the price list looks like. With a drastic rise Ready-to-drink demand in the Kenyan market and globallyits evident that. Flirt Vodka was born through the fusion of two opposing concepts — new and old traditional and contemporary east and west It is a perfect. Flirt vodka kenyan price Flirt vodka kenyan price Price: Swedish and Baltic distillers are partial to wheat mashes.

Vodka is produced from grain, potatoes, molasses, beets, and a variety of other plants. Potatoes are looked down on by Russian distillers, but are held in high esteem by some of their Polish counterparts. But most vodkas are used for cocktails, often mixed with fruit juice cranberry juice for Cosmopolitans or orange juice for Screwdrivers.

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Kenyan Online Liquor Store. Ksh — Ksh In partnership with the club got subsided prices for Flirt cocktails. By iger flirtvodka Flirt Vodka Kenya on instagram.

Flirt vodka --which has generated a predictably sizzling and provocative ad.