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With this film, Borowczyk definitively proved that animation could be regarded as one of the fine arts, to rank alongside the canvases of Goya and Francis Bacon.

The fact that his later films were easier to see than his earlier work yet more likely to be interfered with by censors, distributors and dubbers alike caused lasting damage to his reputation that is only just being posthumously repaired. His personal experience of life under both Nazi and Soviet occupation has led people to divine allegorical portraits of both the Holocaust and the dehumanising industrial processes of the Stalin era, but its stripped-down, uniquely suggestive approach makes it impossible to pin it down to any specific era.

Listen to… the equally extraordinary electro-acoustic score by Bernard Parmegianiwho furnished Borowczyk with some of his most memorable soundtracks.

Walerian Borowczyk: five essential films

Nigel Andrews, Financial Times. After a seemingly endless train journey through a night studded with shells flying overhead, are the pipe-riddled rooms that we eventually reach part of a prison, a factory, or a grim fusion of both? Watch it for… the blend of black-and-white cinematography and half a dozen ultra-brief yet inexpressibly haunting glimpses of colour.

The best inhabit a world you are unlikely to forget. Instead, it was practically buried following a row with his producers, and remained one of his most obscure films until it finally re-emerged on Blu-ray and DVD in Watch it for… The way Borowczyk conjures up an entire universe from the simplest means.

A would-be astronaut complete with top hat, moustache and pipe: But his eye is so sharp and his ironic sense of humour so audacious that even the worst of his films is worth something. Expanded from a planned Immoral Tales segment, The Beast sees Borowczyk at his most extreme and his most playful, although it would be an understatement to say that not everyone will appreciate a lighthearted treatment of graphic bestial rape.