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Warp speed flirt a d lyrics, did you know?

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While it doesn't have quite the same whimsical charm as Candy Box, Speed Warp nonetheless offers up an enjoyable enigma of an experience that's worth spending some time with.

If you know how to fix it, or have something better we could use instead, please let us know: Though you have to work or rather play for many of your crafting components, Speed Warp is still easily enjoyed in bite size pieces. Please tell us what's wrong: Make sure you save and bookmark the game for later, as it would be tragic were you to unintentionally close your browser and lose all your progress.

Flirta D / Warp Speed

You've told us there are code samples on this page which don't work. It might be a Known Issue. It's hard to say much, because discovery is half the enjoyment of the game, but the blank screen you begin with won't stay blank for long.

What more do you need to make a successful Candy Box type webtoy? Is something described here not working as you expect it to?

Comments 34 Views 15, Old school arcade games and the ability to travel at warp speed? Please tell us more about what's missing: You've told us there is a spelling or grammar error on this page. Your timer and coins continually count up, so it's a good idea to leave it open in the background as you go about your daily browsing, checking in when you have a few open minutes.

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