Aqua Teen Hunger Force (S04E04) Aqua Teen Hunger Force (S04E04)

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Wongburger asks Frylock how else is he supposed to get home, and Frylock gives him the logical suggestion to call someone from his home planet to pick him up.

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He performs a sex change operation on Carl to invalidate the dick-rippers' contract. Plot Carl and the Aqua Teens walk out of a restaurant called " Wong Burger ", which is running "Rip-n-Win", a promotion where the bottoms of drink cups have prize coupons.

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Wongburger, realizing how simple it was, takes Frylock's advice and goes to call his brethren. It originally aired on October 22nd, Frylock calls Wongburger a madman, as the ship will never fly, due to it being made out of just dicks. Unsure, the two search the house, but fail to find Carl.

Back in the Aqua Teens' house, Frylock says that he has an idea, but not a good one. He then reveals to Carl that when he bought that medium drink, he signed a binding legal contract that legally enables Wongburger to rip off his dick and the rice men won't stop until they do.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force S4 Ep4 – Dickesode

Shake finds a "hotdog sitting right on top of 2 soggy walnuts" in the trash, presumably Carl's dick, and completely oblivious to what it is, eats it. The Chinese rice fail to find Carl at his house either; they eventually give up and report this to Mr.

Wongburgera life-sized dick alien with glasses and blue and yellow shorts who plans to use the dicks to build a Dickship to go back to Dick Planet.

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Frylock tells him that he can't just run around ripping off peoples' dicks to make a Dickship, but the dick alien claims that he has a degree in "dicknology". Shake asks Meatwad which one of these dicks is Carl's. Frylock throws Carl's dick in the garbage can, from where Mr.