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The situation became so bad that Freda had no option but to move out. Poirot decided to make an investigation of his own again and asked Donovan and Jimmy to accompany him.

The Third-Floor Flat: A Short Story

Poirot sends a letter to Rosebank to provoke a response from the next of kin, and he duly receives a reply from Mary Delafontaine, the dead woman's niece, saying that his services are no longer required.

Mary has started to work with her aunt as opposed to becoming a governess or a companion and she is travelling to Charlock Bay to take a valuable set of miniatures to an American collector there by the name of J.

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No first born son has lived to inherit the family estate since the Middle Ages. This is a nice addition, both because Hastings takes Poirot to a play like this in Christie's novel Dumb Witness, and because it explains where Patricia and her friends had been before they return to the flat in the short story, it's just assumed that they've been out for the evening.

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They hastily switch off the light and retraced their steps to the lift. Having heard that Poirot is a detective, she asks him to investigate.

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The Plymouth Express[ edit ] A young naval officer on the Plymouth express finds the dead body of a woman underneath a seat in his carriage. The son of the family killed Reedburn when he went with Valerie to plead with the blackmailerpresumably when things escalated into violence.

Gracie rode the train past Bristol dressed in similar clothing to the now-dead woman and bought two items from a newsboy, drawing attention to herself in many ways. At either end are curtained recesses with French windows, one to the garden and the other to the drive.