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It is obvious that Waldoff was into a deep friendship with Oli von Roeder.

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Von Roeder lived with Waldoff or at least always was there when she was there. To be as inconspicuous as possible she collaborates with occupying forces and after the war is brutally called to account.

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The French Ferial gives home to the Jew November with whom she has a relationship. Woven into the pictures of the landscape are memories of their love, but also of their quarrels. Mikesch embeds the story, that partly consists of loose associative episodes, into stylish pictures with her usual brilliant camera work slant perspective, shimmering light etc.

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While in her job Wanda acts out the "domina", in her private life she has to come to terms with her sceptic and finally jealous lover, because her American lover turned up, too.

Die grausame Frau [Seduction: Besides, he was thrown out of a feminist bookstore during her phase of finding, since he only wanted to find out more about the sexuality of his girlfriend

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