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He works as a fish vendor and cellphone technician to keep his family afloat. Although she was technically safe from the voting block on Dayshe was meted a forced eviction the same day for two offenses logged within a few hours of each other on Day - whispering and asking a question about the outside world specifically the public's perception of her from former housemate Flirteo enfemenino. Having ended school at Grade 6 due to poverty, she became a house-helper to finish her schooling.

A taekwondo instructor and dance expert by trade, Ryan entered the Industrial House on Day 23 as the housemates' instructor for their weekly task.

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A family man, his marriage was once tested because of his playboy ways. Being the eldest child and only daughter in the family, she strove to be the best that she can be, graduating with honors in college and placing seventh in the nursing board exams.

She left once more on Day He also re-entered the House on Day and left on Day He grew-up living a modest life, knowing how to farm, herd and taking care of pigs, thus becoming a role-model in his hometown.

Joya[ edit ] Ma.

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He entered the Luxury House on Day 25 as part of a secret task to pose as Luz' husband. A tourism graduate from the University of Santo TomasCindy is known for her string of beauty pageant titles.

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