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What does an electric dryer hookup look like, add your answer

If you need a breaker for other purposes, that can be dealt with by swapping out a single breaker for a dual if the box will permit it or forking off a secondary box. You'll often find this feature in high-end dryers, but it is more rare in budget models.

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This is also strictly an aesthetics consideration. Gently and snugly tighten the two ends of the flex line to the gas stub out in the wall and the dryer. This hastens ventilation in case of a minor error.

How to Find Out if You Have an Electric or Gas Dryer Hookup

I understand the temptation to swipe the existing breaker position, but realistically the wires probably don't go where you'll need them anyway and the breaker's likely to be the wrong amperage for your intended application.

If you're specifically thinking resale, I would suggest actually putting in the circuit, just to remove one possible reason for not bidding.

Take care not to puncture the foil hose or heat and dryer dust will vent inside the room. It is also worthy to note that gas dryers are capable of drying clothes faster than electric dryers.

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