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She tells them this is their most defining moment yet in the competition. Mary tells Chehon that he did much better than the samba they did a week before and that he was on fire.

For example, in Week 2, the first week of the competition to feature eliminations in this case a double eliminationthe judges decided which two of the six dancers in danger they wished to save without asking for additional solos.

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Edit Classically-trained Chehon is sent in with fellow ballet dancer Daniel Baker. The extremely talented Dareian is otherworldly in his contemporary style but just hasn't found his footing in other styles yet. Cyrus Spencer and Eliana Girard — You can really say the same exact thing now about Cyrus — he may be the weakest dancer left, but America loves an underdog — especially one who puts in so much work and enthusiasm into everything he does.

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp

The video has been a hit among YouTubers as it has already been viewed by K followers. Carson Mcallister is an American and belongs to white ethnicity. The couple started as just friends before getting intimate. Season nine has seen an exceptional group of dancers who flourished with their mesmerizing routines, a testament to the show's six Emmy award nominations.

Marberger, and choreographed by Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson. The couple first met each other when they were in college, opening up to the fact that they were high school sweethearts.

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For those wondering, we are about to get to the part of the season where we will rank individually — but now, we are still at the phase where if one person in your pairing fails, the other will, as well.

He first gained attention after getting together with Witney in Here's how the pairs performed.