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Windows 2018 extend partition online dating, is it difficult to extend partition on server 2016?

Again, your product is top notch. Unfortunately, in disk management, you can only extend primary partition by unallocated space at the right side. But you cannot extend volume if there is no adjacent Unallocated space, when you right click the system C drive, the Extend Volume is grayed out.

The extended partition occupies a lot of space. Do not know how to do this, is it very difficult? If you want, you can use this space to create new partitions. If you want to extend partition with existing Unallocated space or free space from other drives, follow the steps in the video.

Download Now Windows 10 is supported Step 1. Repeat Step 2 to delete the rest of logical partition and the extended partition. Which is the best free partition software in ?

Free Partition Manager for Windows

However, the method works defectively for it is impossible for sellers to adopt different partitioning methods for different users. Cannot extend volume or partition in Windows 10, how to fix it? NO, it is a BAD idea. Then, you can see its new size in the Disk Management tool.

The following screenshot shows how to delete a partition. This is a common situation related to deleting extended partition or logical partition. Which is the right tool to extend server volume?