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I knew that going in. But I wanted to see the new one. Because in true Craig Brewer fashion, he adds that grit, and that sexiness, to anything that he does.

But we don't dive into that topic, which I do think is important.

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One of Willard's lines is, "We're not so far off the map that we actually don't have cell phones. View all Ziah Colon pictures Description: I'd already seen Footloose about a billion and a half times.

The first day we saw it, it was a surprise. She began acting in her teens at the urging of her very supportive parents who saw passion, determination and that "something special" in their little girl. They are sexy and dark. How involved with the choreography were you? Though, I also never went back to watch the movie at any point during the shoot.

Did you have to learn a lot of new moves? Here is our conversation about 's Footloose.